2018 Board of Directors Nominations

It is that time of year again. There are a few open board positions for 2018. The duties for each position can be viewed in our bylaws, but please email/message the president or board members if you have specific questions. We are excited about the coming year! It will be full of clinics, trainings, socials, and races (from sprints to full distances, from single participants to relay teams, and don’t forget how we all support each other at different events….this tribe is amazing!).

An email will also be sent out tonight with the same information so that we make sure everyone sees the info!

Nominations should be made ONLY to the following email address boardelectionsctc@gmail.com or by using the form in the voting section below.

The nomination process starts today!

2018 Board of Directors openings

Nominations Timeline: Nov 13th –Nov 20th

Open Board Positions:

1) Vice President

2) Treasurer

3) Secretary

To be nominated to run for these board positions, active members must have two nominations. Members may nominate themselves or any other member to run for any position. No nominations will be accepted before or after this window. Nominations are to be directly emailed to boardelectionsctc@gmail.com or by using the form below:


Individual members will be notified as soon as he/she receives the required nominations and will have 48 hours to accept the nomination.

Candidate announcements and official voting period: Nov 21st-Nov 26th

Candidates are announced to the membership and votes may be cast to boardelectionsctc@gmail.com or by using the form on this page.

Election results: Nov 27th

The current board will notify membership of elections results via CTC member’s page and on the CTC website.