About The Club

Where it all began…

It all started with when the “purple people” came to Columbus in 2012. They were Team in Training from Atlanta, and some of the most popular people that would show up at local events. They sparked an interest among a few friends about a crazy idea: starting a local Triathlon club in Columbus.

During the off season, residents of the tri-city area Jason Ball, Ryan Bush, Wes Hargrove, and Joanne Cogle met to discuss the formation of what would soon be known as the Chattahoochee Triathlon Club. Sadly, the idea did not come to fruition and it wasn’t until April of 2013 when the Chattahoochee Challenge Half Triathlon came around that the spark was once again ignited.

Ryan Bush nudged Jason saying, “Hey, Ball, we really need a tri club here in Columbus.” At that point, Jason rounded Jason O’Kelley, Mike Brown, Kris Pate, Dave Bess, Jr., and Joanne in another attempt to make the Chattahoochee Triathlon Club turn from a dream to a reality.

Despite there not being any established roles in the early days, Joanne, provided insight from prior experience building a cycling team. The initial group would meet and discuss issues, occasionally stepping on each others’ feet while making things happen.

Still, everything managed to fall into place. Between April and December of 2013, the original group managed to grow to 48 members. The club offered training days, they made club shirts, and tri kits.

What started out as a group of friends with a love of triathlon and a desire to share their love with a growing active community, has more than doubled in size since.

Today, the club is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. While many of the core principles have stayed the same, there have been many new additions to benefit the club as it continues to grow.


Bylaws & Rules

The Board & Responsibilities

President – Suzanne Kraus (2019)

Vice President – Michelle Furney (2018)

Secretary – Stacy Mote (2017)

Treasurer – Jennifer Peters (2018)

Sports Director – Keith Hedger

Mentorship Program Director – Alfonso Ahuja

Merchandising Director – Kim Long

Social Director – Candy Martin

Web Director – vacant