Charity Partner

The Chattahoochee Triathlon Club is a proud member of this community and supports several programs that enhance our way of life. One such program is the Annual Help-the-Hooch Watershed Clean-up. This program started 23 years ago as an idea for a clean up project. The first year, they had over 500 volunteers working to clean up the river and Riverwalk. This year they had over 8,000 volunteers and have been recognized as the single largest clean-up project in the southeast encompassing Muscogee & Harris County, Ft. Benning and Russell County in Alabama.  In 2016, over 62 tons/137,147 lbs of trash was removed from our local creeks, lakes, parks, and river.  The Chattahoochee Triathlon Club collected 1.19 TONS of trash from the area of the river we swim in during the clean up event this past October!


The Chattahoochee River is one of our most valuable resources!  Not only does it provide recreational possibilities for the club for our OWS practice and triathlon events, it supplies 100% of the daily water used by citizens of the Middle Chattahoochee Communities, and provides valuable habitat for our local flora and fauna, including some protective species such as, the shoal’s spider lily, Georgia rockcress, wood stork, and a few freshwater mussels.


Chattahoochee Triathlon Club is proud to “adopt” Help-The-Hooch as our charity organization for 2017.  A portion of your membership fee will go towards an annual donation made to the organization to help with the annual clean-up event held in October and fundraising will occur throughout the year to help protect and preserve this most valuable water resource.